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Payment Plan

All memberships are required to be paid in the full amount of $100. The Austin Deaf Club offers various payment plans for your convenience. Please choose one of these programs to make your $100 payment to AAD. Your payment will be processed through a third-party affiliation. It's important to note that the Austin Deaf Club is not responsible for your chosen payment plan.



You must make monthly payments of $27 over four consecutive months to cover the total amount of $100. Failure to make a payment or missing four months will result in ADC revoking your payment plan. Until the full amount is paid, your membership privileges will be limited. However, you will continue to receive the newsletter via email.

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The initial installment will be $100, which is required to be paid in full. Following this, you will commence bi-weekly payments of $25 via Afterpay. It is important to note that AAD does not hold any responsibility for transactions or agreements involving third-party services, including Afterpay.



The initial payment will be $100. This amount must be paid in full as the first installment. After this, you will begin making bi-weekly payments of $25 through Afterpay. Please be aware that AAD holds no responsibility for any interactions or agreements made with third-party services, including Afterpay.

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