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Austin Association of the Deaf’s (est. 1946) purpose is to provide fellowship, educational, recreational, cultural opportunities, inclusive communication and to work in harmony with any organization(s) and/or business(es) to develop the business opportunities for the Association.

We are a place where the Deaf community in Austin can socialize and network within our community. We are open during Friday and Saturday nights.  Come and enjoy good company, good drinks, and a place where you can be yourself.  Our club has a full-sized bar, an outdoor patio and yard, and plenty of games and activities. Our club also can be rented out as a venue by either private individuals or by our affiliate organizations.

We welcome you to become a member of our community and enjoy the benefits that we have to offer!

      2020 | a novel disease, Coronavirus, invaded the United States of America, causing a deadly outbreak across the
                 country. The massive infection became known as the “Coronavirus Pandemic.” State of Texas was closed
                 down for multiple months, and many citizens were forced to stay home under regional quarantine orders.
                 Austin Deaf Club clubhouse was closed and they held their first virtual general meeting through 


  • 2016 | Austin Deaf Club's New Building Renovation opened. 

  • 2014 | Greater Austin Foundation of the Deaf inherited $100,000.00 to Austin Deaf Club.

  • 1973 | First building construction began.

  • 1970 | Purchased 3 acres lot in 8818 Cullen Lane Austin, TX 78748.

  • 1958 | Austin Deaf Club moved to the place on Riverside Drive and South Congress.

  • 1947 | Celebrated a year in anniversary at Bastrop State Park.

  • 1946 | Austin Deaf Club was founded on 10th street and Trinity Street.


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