8818 Cullen Lane (P.O. Box 3884, Austin TX 78764-3884)



September 14, 2019

    1. Regular and Senior Citizen members shall pay initiation fee of $100.00 (one-time fee) prior to joining the membership of this Association.
    2. All members shall pay annual dues before or on October 1st annually.
        a.) The dues shall be paid in full and not be pro-rated.
    3. All members shall be required to present their membership cards upon entering the clubhouse or any events sponsored by the Association.
        a.) Any member not bringing membership card shall pay temporary dues.

     4. Non-member shall pay temporary dues (two days) upon entering the clubhouse.

     5. Category of Memberships is:
     a.) REGULAR MEMBER - $50.00
         1.) 21 to 59 years old Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individual
         2.) Voting Privileges
         3.) Discounts at AAD Events
         4.) Newsletter
         5.) WIFI Accessible Unlimited
         6.) Discounts on Alcohol Beverages

    b.) SENIOR CITIZEN MEMBER - $25.00
         1.) 60 years old and up Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individual

         2.) Voting Privileges
         3.) Discounts at AAD Events
         4.) Newsletter
         5.) WIFI Accessible Unlimited
         6.) Discounts on Alcohol Beverages

    c.) ASSOCIATE MEMBER - $20.00
        1.) 18 to 20 years old Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individual
        2.) Deaf or Hard of Hearing Adult with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities accompanied by a Member
        3.) Deaf or Hard of Hearing Adult living out of state.
        4.) 18 years old and up Hearing Individual
        5.) No Voice and Voting Privileges
        6.) Discounts at AAD Events
        7.) Newsletter
        8.) WIFI Accessible Unlimited
        9.) Discounts on Alcohol Beverages

    d.) TEMPORARY MEMBER - $5.00
        1.) Two-days Membership
        2.) No Voice and Voting Privileges

        1.) Use of AAD Facility
        2.) No Voice and Voting Privileges

    f.) HARD COPY NEWSLETTER - $15.00 Annually



        1. The Board shall include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Public Relations, and five
            (5) Members-At- Large.

        2. PRESIDENT:

            a.) Shall be Association’s chief spokesperson.
            b.) Shall facilitate the General, Special and Executive Board Meetings of the Association.
            c.) Shall appoint a parliamentarian prior to the General Meeting.
           d.) Shall cast the deciding vote in case of tie for all matters except the election.
           e.) Shall oversee the operation of the officers and committees.
            f.) Shall prepare agenda for the General Meeting.
           g.) Shall be an Ex-Officio of the Standing and Ad-Hoc committees.
           h.) Shall appoint chairperson(s) for any Association event.
            i.) Shall have access to the Association’s bank accounts.
            j.) Shall have access to safe deposit box.

           a.) Shall serve at any time the President is unable to serve, or when the office of the President becomes vacant.
           b.) Shall be the chairperson of By-Laws & Policy committee.
           c.) Shall read the written motions for accuracy prior to New Business.
           d.) Shall use current technology to photocopy motions.
           e.) Shall keep the copies of By-Laws & Policy.
            f.) Shall update By-Laws & Policy after each General Meeting.
           g.) Shall give the updated By-Laws & Policy to Secretary for record-keeping.

       4. SECRETARY:
           a.) Shall record the proceeding of all meetings with the current By-Laws & Policy and Robert’s Rule of Order on
                hand at all the time.
           b.) Shall keep the records of:
                 1.) Executive Board Meeting Minutes
                 2.) General/Special Meeting Minutes

           c.) Shall post the Minutes of recent Executive Board and General/Special Meetings at every General Meeting.
           d.) Shall keep original minutes and corrected minutes together.
           e.) Shall be responsible for all necessary correspondences.
           f.) Shall be chairperson of membership committee.
               1.) Shall keep and update the membership records monthly.
               2.) Shall send the new or renewed membership cards within 30 days after the dues are paid.
           g.) Shall post the declaration for the opening offices and qualifications for each elective position on the bulletin
               board and Association’s website one month before next general meeting.
       5. TREASURER:
          a.) Shall be responsible for all financial transactions of Association.
          b.) Shall keep all financial records in the file.
          c.) Shall submit audited monthly detailed reports of all financial transactions of Association to the Executive Board
          d.) Shall report monthly summary of expenses/income reports at the General Meetings.
          e.) Shall work with Assistant Treasurer.
              1.) Assistant Treasurer shall have no access to AAD’s bank accounts unless authorized in writing or email by
                 President or Treasurer.
             2.) Assistant Treasurer shall succeed to the office of the treasurer if it becomes vacant on temporary basis.
          f.) Shall work with the event chairperson involving the record of spending and earning of each event.
         g.) Shall have access to Association’s bank accounts.
         h.) Shall have access to safe deposit box.


         a.) Shall relay announcements pertaining to the programs/events of Association.
         b.) Shall post any advertisement or flyer that had been approved by EB prior to post on AAD Social Media and
         c.) Shall coordinate social media of all types.
         d.) Shall participate in creating announcements (i.e. flyers) for any event hosted by Association with the President’s
         e.) Shall maintain the operation of Association’s website.
         f.) Shall be responsible for the distribution of the monthly newsletter.

         a.) Shall attend Executive Board meetings with voice and voting privileges.
         b.) Shall handle all grievances made by members. c.) Shall be responsible for Association’s inventory.



       1. All elected officers shall be known as Executive Board (EB).
             a.) Nepotism shall not be allowed.
       2. Shall abide Association’s By-Laws & Policy, Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission’s (TABC) regulations and rules.
       3. Shall come to the clubhouse by assigned duty per EB’s agreement.
       4. Three unexcused absences, the consequence shall be removed from the office position immediately.
       5. Shall not accept any personal monetary and/or gifts from any event sponsored by Association.
       6. Shall cancel any meeting, event or/and close the clubhouse as the majority of EB see the need of doing so.
       7. Shall be bonded.

       8. When vacancy occurs in any elected office of Association for remaining term except for the president, and if no
           replacement occurs more than 30 days, the EB shall appoint the replacement with an approval from the members
           at the General Meeting.
       9. The officers shall complete all duties and/or tasks at end of their terms by December 31st.



            a.) Shall report to EB Meetings.
            b.) Shall monitor AAD’s social coordinator related to the AAD’s activities; Open House, Homecoming Social,
                 Thanksgiving or Christmas Party, Rainbow Party and social games, etc.
                 1.) The seed money for AAD’s activities/events is $300.00.
            c.) Shall be responsible for the reservations and checklist for the use of clubhouse premises by Non-AAD events.
           d.) Shall handle all rental contracts.
                1.) Requirements to book a date of event in advance (14 days or more) for any member, non member, affiliation
                      & business/corporation.
                a.) Complete & sign the rental request form.
                b.) Bring to the AAD Executive Board meeting (4th Saturday).
                 c.) If approval, make payments to the AAD treasurer.
                d.) Confirm the reservation date.
                e.) Mask reservation date on EB’s calendar for display.
                 2.) The cost for rental space for:

          3.) All day event or wedding event shall be: Member-$200.00 and Non-Member-$300.00
          4.) The refundable deposit of $150.00 for cleaning rental space including restrooms.
          5.) Shall receive $50.00 to hire security person per 50 people including children attending any event.
          6.) Shall receive two (2) separate checks for the deposit and rent.
          e.) Shall coordinate the two separate calendars; one including all AAD, Non-AAD & private events for EB only and the
              other will only show AAD events for DPR to post to AAD’s newsletter, website & social media.

        a.) Shall report to EB Meetings.
        b.) Shall maintain the clubhouse premises.
        c.) Shall supervise the AAD Head Bartender, AAD Custodian and AAD Groundskeeper.
        d.) Shall be responsible for:

             1. Safety
             2. Security
             3. Kitchen
             4. Ordering supplies for Head Bartender, Custodian and Groundskeeper.

        e.) Shall collect all membership dues and cashier’s monies after each scheduled night with a written report including
            two (2) signatures.
        f.) Shall hold petty cash for the change.

        g.) Shall supervise the clubhouse keys and distribute them to all EB officers and staff.
        h.) Notify in writing to EB of any need of repairs.

        a.) Shall report to AAD Club Manager.
        b.) Shall be responsible for bar inventory and bar operations.
        c.) Shall supervise and schedule other bartenders.
        d.) Shall be responsible in keeping the bar room neat and maintaining sanitation standards.
        e.) Shall be responsible with the petty cash before and after the bar hours.
        f.) Shall enforce TABC regulations.
       g.) Shall report to AAD EB meeting upon request.

       a.) Shall be responsible for:
            1. Sweep and mop the floors
            2. Clean and restock in the rest rooms.
            3. Empty all trash bins prior to opening of public and/or events.
            4. Keep the kitchen sinks empty and all dishes and silverware in proper places.
            5. Clean A/C filter(s) every month.
            6. Spray insecticide and fumigate as directed by EB for pest control.
            7. Notify in writing to the AAD Club Manager of any need of repairs and supplies.

        a.) Maintains the landscape by mowing the grass, trimming the trees and bushes, etc.
        b.) Keep the inventory on the gardening equipments.

        c.) Notify in writing to the AAD Club Manager of any need of repairs and supplies.


      1. Elected Officers:
          a.) Removal from office for neglect of duties and/or misconducts shall be determined by two-third (2/3) vote of the
              present members by way of secret ballot at the General Meeting.
     2. Members:
         a.) Executive Board shall suspend any member for any reason until the General Meeting with evidences to explain the
         b.) Shall be suspended for violation(s) of Association’s By-Laws & Policy by the determination of two-third (2/3) vote
             of members by way of secret ballot.
     3. All elected officers and members shall have a right to due process.



      1. Any budget or request for money over two hundred dollars ($200.00) shall be put in writing and refer to the General
      2. Any residual funds from each approved past projects to move into “project fund” that will allow EB to use the cash
         over $200 for “real needs” or emergency only for the clubhouse or property.
      3. No officers, members and chairpersons shall take any personal monetary and/or gifts from events and/or bar
      4. Treasurer shall be Association’s authorized signer for checking account.

          a.) President shall be authorized signer for checking account in absence of Treasurer.
          b.) Any amount of over three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) in checking account shall be transferred to saving account.

      5. President and Treasurer shall be the authorized signers of saving account or any similar other accounts.
      6. If any person wrote an insufficient fund check, Association shall collect the amount of the check plus a bank-charged

              a.) Any person not paying the Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) amount and bank-charged fee shall be suspended from
                  Association until it is paid.
      7. No one shall sell tickets, boosters or raffles using Association’s name without EB’s approval.



       1. General Meeting shall start at 7:30 P.M.
       2. The Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used at every General Meeting.
       3. Parliamentarian:
           a.) Shall be appointed by the president with the majority of members’ approval.
           b.) The term of the parliamentarian may be monthly or yearly.
           c.) Shall advise the presiding officer conducting the General Meeting in a legal efficient and impartial manner when asked by

               the presiding officer or voting member by way of the presiding officer.
           d.) Shall follow Association’s By-Laws &Policy and Robert’s Rules of Order.



      1. The presence of twenty (20) members and four (4) officers of the total membership shall constitute a quorum for the
         General Meeting.
      2. If the quorum is not met within thirty (30) minutes, then the general meeting is cancelled till next month. The
         agendas can be forwarded to EB meeting to maintain the management of Association.



      1. The Association shall have Standing Committee(s).
      2. Standing Committees shall consist:
         a.) By-Laws and Policy
         b.) Nomination/Election
         c.) Membership
         d.) Archives
         e.) Security
         f.) Social Games
      3. Association may have Ad-Hoc committee(s).



       1. The requirements of Affiliations with the Association:
            a.) Shall abide Association’s By-Laws & Policy and House Rules.
            b.) Shall request an approval to use the Association’s name as a sponsor.
       2. The privileges of Affiliations with Association:
            a.) May use the clubhouse for its meetings with approval of Events Coordinator at no cost.
            b.) May have activities on Association’s premises upon the filing rental request form and paying for rental space in


By Laws


 JUNE 9, 2018

    1. This organization shall be known as the Austin Association of the Deaf, Incorporated (hereafter known as AAD).


    1. The objectives of this Association shall be:
    a) To provide fellowship.
    b) To provide educational, recreational & cultural opportunities.
    c) To work in harmony with any organization(s) and/or business(es) to provide the business opportunities for the Association.
    2. The power herein granted shall be solely vested in this Association with equal rights and privileges to all members.


    1. This Association is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas without stocks or shares held by members or others.


    1. Regular and Senior Citizen members shall pay initiation fee (one-time fee) prior to joining the membership of this Association.
    a). Each member shall choose the payment options of initiation fee.
    b). Initiation Fee:
    1) Shall be deposited into AAD reserve fund account.
    2) Shall move the $20,000.00 from the reserve fund account into an investment account.
    3) Shall be allowed to use any amount from the reserve fund account after the depletion of any AAD’s other funds except the investment account.
    2. Any hearing adult interested in the objectives of this Association may be an Associate Member.
    3. Affiliated Organizations
    4. The membership of this Association shall consist of:
    a.) All members are expected to follow local, state and federal laws and Association’s By-Laws and Policy.
    b.) All members have rights to be safe on the club premises.


    1. The Officers shall be elected one by one, by majority of the vote cast or by secret ballot.
    2. The voting members have their right of recall and/or referendum.


    1. The elected officers of this Association shall have a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Director of Public Relations, and Five (5) Members at Large. They shall be called Executive Board.
    2. The qualification of the candidates for the offices in this Association shall be a voting member who has attended to the General Meetings for at least six months prior to November elections.
    3. The 2-year term of the Executive Board and two (2) Members at Large shall begin on January 1st after the even-numbered year any on November Elections or until their successors are elected and qualified.
    4. Three (3) Members at Large shall begin on January 1st after the odd-numbered year on November Elections or until their successors are elected and qualified.
    5. The recent-elected Members at Large during the even-numbered year shall be called MAL 2 and MAL 4. Also for those during odd-numbered year shall be MAL 1; 3 & 5.
    6. Any successor who replaces the previous member shall serve only the remaining term.
    7. Shall reside in Travis County and surrounding counties up to 75 miles radius.


    1. The quorum for the membership shall be determined based on the provisions of the current policy.


    1. Unless otherwise provided by in the By-Laws, Policy, and latest edition Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of the Association.


    1. General Meeting shall be held monthly.
    2. Special Meeting may be called for any reason at President’s discretion.
    3. The business of the Executive Board, and the Committees shall be conducted monthly prior to the next General Meeting.
    4. General Meeting shall be held on the Second (2) Saturday bi-monthly.
    5. General Meeting may be moved to next available Saturday as necessary.
    6. General Meeting shall proceed in the following order:
        a) Call to Order
        b) Pledge of Allegiances
        c) Read the Minutes of the previous General /Special Meeting(s) and Executive Board Meeting in sequence.
        d) Officers’ Reports
        e) Standing Committees’ Reports
        f) Ad-Hoc Committees’ Reports
        g) Unfinished (old) Business
        h) New Business
         i) Election(s)
         j) Oath for new officers and board members
         k) Announcements
          l) Adjournment
    7. Oath for new officers:
         a) “I, (name), do hereby pledge myself to abide by the By-Laws and Policy of the Austin Association of the Deaf, Inc.
        and to faithfully perform the duties of my office as (position) to the best of my knowledge and ability.”


    1. The Association may have such committees as may be deemed necessary in the best of interests of the Association and to facilitate activities of the Association.
    2. The committees shall serve at the will of the Association with their primary function being that of providing service and/or assistance to the organization.


    1. Any organization with its By-Laws and financial budget may affiliate with the Association by our EB’s approval along with the annual building use fee based on the current policy.
    2. Renewed Affiliations shall submit only their annual financial reports. If their ByLaws had been revised; then it shall also be submitted upon on the renewal agreement.


    1. Any proposal for amendment(s) to By-Laws shall go through Vice-President for proper procedure. Vice-President shall have no authority to deny member’s privilege to make a proposal.
    2. The By-Laws may be amended, altered or revoked by two-third (2/3) vote of members present at General Meeting.
    3. The By-Laws may be suspended by two-third (2/3) vote of members present at General Meeting.


    1. The Regular and Senior Citizen members of the Association are owners of 8818 Cullen Lane, Austin, Texas 78748.


    1. In the event of dissolution, all tangible assets shall be sold and all monies realized therefore together with any other monies remaining shall be turned over to the Texas Association of the Deaf to be held in trust against the  eventual revival of this or a similar organization as Association. A similar organization shall be eligible to receive these funds only after it has been in existence for a minimum of five years. The income from said trust shall accrue to the Texas Association of the Deaf. In no case shall the Texas Association of the Deaf be liable for any debts of this Association.

Clubhouse Address
8818 Cullen Lane
Austin, TX 78748

Club Hours
Upon open for Reservations
Fridays: 7:00 pm – 1:00 am
Saturdays: 7:00 pm – 2:00 am

Club Closed on every 5th weekend

Mailing Address
Austin Association of the Deaf
P.O. Box 3884
Austin, Texas 78764-3884

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